JW Marriott Indianapolis - as great as Insiders say it is

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Although younger than three years old, the JW in Indy is old school when it comes to customer service and Marriott loyalty recognition. From the stylish looking matte room key to absolutely every associate wishing you well, this is one of the finest properties I've enjoyed. A concierge level that (as of August) is opened seven days a week with excellent service and offerings; a superb fitness room avoiding the trend of one strength machine fits all (w/excellent cardio equipment), slippers and robe, newspaper at your door, turndown service if you like, crisp taxi and check in service, a broad choice of television channels, a great view from almost wherever you end up, an impressive Italian restaurant and stylish sports bar (either, a good use of the $10 F& B credit),comfortable, spacious lobby, and the aforementioned customer service are just some of the pluses that make this a fantastic place to stay.  If you happen to have a special occasion (we were celebrating an anniversary) you can't find any better - we asked for a high floor and received a corner room on the concierge lounge 31st floor level (which was a major asset as great as the CL was - we were right there for coffees, waters, snacks etc - ps, IAH, free water in the room) and a nice surprise, a bottle of Prosecco, four tasty choco covered strawberries and a nice note signed by the rooms team.

I could go on and on, but essentially it's what most other Insiders have already written (which is exactly why we chose the property to celebrate - once again proving the value of Insider input, even more so than just reviews; btw St. Elmo was excellent, thanks tef and jerrycoin). Marriott developed an entire plaza near the AAA baseball stadium and state park - if you were energetic enough, you could actually accomplish the fall mega-bonus for Cat. 5 certificates with one trip - JW, Fairfield, SpringHill, and CY all connected (you can also charge any of the restaurants at the four properties to your room regardless of hotel, however keep in mind until skiadcock pulls off a miracle, you only get points for ancillary charges while at the JW).  to keep the input of ideas flowing, if you enjoy a pleasant bike ride, the cultural tour is a great way to see the city and is easy to ride (there are virtually no inclines in the city). Nathan is the young entrepreneur who runs this operation and his passion shows - it's a nice 3 1/2 hours of good times (we stopped afterwards at the City Market which was next to Nathan's bike shop, and enjoyed sandwiches, salads, and desserts at a Reading Market type enclave).  We also enjoyed the brewery tour (you knew I was going) at and wine tastings (one building over from Sun King - both on College Ave) . The city is laid out in a grid and is an easy walking tour with pleasant parks, canals, theatres, and monuments.

Plan a special occasion at the JW and go back in time, when elites really were elite - it'll do you good.




State park, canals, bike paths, museums, amphitheatre and college - pleasant


Downtown view from room - state capital, easy walking town



From the concierge - Marriotts all around - great sunrise view with breakfast


30th anniversary (or as mrs. erc likes to say, "18 of the best years of her life") surprise