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Discussion created by erc on Sep 29, 2013
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The Marriott Travel brilliantly campaign that we were introduced to recently, has matured and generated some fascinating ideas. .
If you haven't been following, here are some of the ideas (from both Marriott and contributors) and perhaps a good feel for where we might be headed in some areas, which is important for us to know for optimizing our travels. Marriott may not decide to be the leader in implementation of new ideas (or perhaps the new leadership will attempt to be, it will be interesting to observe), as Bill Marriott often said, they don't necessarily need to be the pioneer, "there's a lot of dead pioneers", but they were always well positioned to move swiftly on effective trends, so I would expect several of the ideas presented will in some form, be implemented in the future.
If nothing else, Marriott has become a master of mining data from their customers (mostly one way - although concerns and suggestions have been "appreciated and passed along"). Since my brain hurts from reading all of the ideas (many which I liked), I'll leave it to the baseball story contest players, the hotel review contest players, the Arne's army of 'fan mail from a flounder' corresponders, and the last vestiges of the actual interactive Insiders (and of course merb, the straw that stirs) to carry any dialogue. Using excellent Insider input, I'm off to nuhusker's getaway of Charleston's nearby Isle of Palms for a Rewards free (not free Rewards) beach hangout kayaking with the dolphins (they're not online, yet). Keep on keepin' on, my dying breed of Insiders band of brothers.