Newbie getting started and asking for advice

Discussion created by wolterjwb on Sep 28, 2013
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Hey everyone...I am starting a new job shortly where I will on the road roughly 75% of the year.  I'll be in hotels about 300 nights a year and was wondering if any of the more experienced people could help point me in the best direction on how to maximize my points.


Not sure if I'll be flying or driving to certain cities but I know the hotels I'll be staying at are either Hiltons or Marriotts.  I'm about to spend 5 nights at a Residence Inn for training and since I'll be average 20 night stays, that is the hotel I am going to assume I'll be staying at the most.  I'll have a corporate card to pay for all flights/hotels/car rentals but am unsure if I am missing anything on how to maximize my points since I'll be accumulating a lot of nights.  Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and look forward to hearing from some experts!  Cheers