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Looking for best hotels for Hawaii Honeymoon

Question asked by thebighomie on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by kharada46

Hello everyone, I'm having trouble deciding what hotel to stay in for our honeymoon in Hawaii. I've read some reviews on Hawaii hotels, but they were 3 years old. We are going next year in August for about 10 days. It doesn't matter which Island, I just want to have a great honeymoon without feeling I made the wrong choice of hotel.


Our top priorities are:

Good beach where we can swim that's very close to the hotel
Close to a area with restaurants and shops

Newer or recently renovated hotel


Please help me guys! I've read reviews on trip advisor and are lot of them are silly; if the ice isn't cold enough they give the hotel one star. I know you guys are way more knowledgeable...