Plug for the Marriott Phone Reps

Discussion created by treo9 on Sep 24, 2013

I just want to say that I have always received great phone support from the Marriott (and Marriott Rewards) phone representatives whenever I have had a question or needed other assistance. I just got off the phone with another major hotel chain phone rep, and the difference was night and day. I've have other bad experiences at other times when I have had to deal with other hotels when Marriott wasn't an option. The Marriott reps are consistently head and shoulders above the competitors' reps. I know there are good ones and bad ones for all chains, but Marriott's seem to be consistently better.


The Marriott Rewards program is better overall too (IMHO). The functionality of website is better, the app is better, the terms of the program itself are simpler and easier to follow, and the list could go on. I know others may disagree, but Marriott just seems to have its act together more than the others. With some of the other chains, it is an ordeal to make a reservation, and I have not had that probelm here.