Rewards Stay Confirmation Disaster

Discussion created by kent2882 on Sep 20, 2013
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Has anyone ever booked a rewards stay and then had the local hotel tell you they are overbooked and turn you away?  I'm furious with Marriott right now about this.  My wife and 6 month old daughter were traveling due to a family emergency without me and went to check-in to a property at about 1am.  The front desk person told them Marriott Rewards overbooked them and turned away my wife and 6 month old daughter in the middle of the night!!  They didn't even find or offer to find them another property or hotel to stay at!  I've been talking to Marriott Customer Service for 2 or 3 months about this and everyone keeps passing the buck.  What't the point of being Platinum Elite with Marriott if all you get is Holiday Inn service.   I'm thinking about switching to the Hilton Reward program, anyone have any reviews on how their program works?