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Whats the Value to being a Gold Elite???

Question asked by ovette on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by kmphill

I have always valued my status as a gold elite and now I am questioning what does it matter.  I recently took a vacation with my wife and when we checked into a Fairfield in Dallas.  I was welcomed as a gold elite member and then I asked if there were any upgrade rooms available.  I was told by Rebecca that there were not, that they were full for the next week.  The parking lot was not full and it was 9:00 pm on a Friday night so I went to the room and went on the internet and brought the hotel up and found that I could book an upgraded room for each of the 3 nights I was going to be staying.  My wife then called the front desk and asked Rebecca if we could be upgraded because we went on the internet and found they did have upgraded rooms available.  She stuttered a bit and said that the internet had to be wrong and that there were not.  I then called the reservation hot line and asked about booking a room at the same hotel and asked for a suite for the same 3 nights and was told I could book one.  I did not but I did go to the front desk and confronted Rebecca and said I did not like being lied to and that I would be talking to her manager in the morning.  She called our room 5 minutes later and said that she did some checking and that there was a suite available and that I could move first thing in the morning.  At 8:00 am the next morning I called the front desk and was given a suite to move to.  This room had to be available the following night but I was not moved to it then.  This was the first issue with this hotel.  That morning when I was having breakfast I was taking a bagel off the tray and had the tray taken away from me by the food attendant as I was reaching for a bagel.  I asked if I could get one of them and she said it was time to put everything away.  The breakfast area was a mess.  Food all over and most of the trays were empty and even the orange juice was all gone.  This was all at 9:25 when it was scheduled to close at 9:30.

The next morning the same attendant was having an argument with a customer because they were out of yogurt.


After our 3 days in Dallas we left for College Station where we had a reservation at a Courtyard.  When checking in I again asked for an upgrade and was told they didn't have any.  Because of the last experience in Dallas I checked the internet when I got to the room and they did have all the upgrades available.  Then I called the hotel front desk from my cell phone and asked to make a reservation and wanted a suite they said they had all the different suites available and in fact the person made the statement that everything was available because they were not very full.  I decided it wasn't worth the hassle that we had in Dallas so I did not confront the front desk but I would need to evaluate whether or not I would be staying at any Marriott's in the future.


I had reservations at two other Marriott's during this vacation and they did upgrade me and thank and treat me special for being a gold elite member so I do feel better about Marriott's but I really am questioning the value of giving them most of my business when there are some of their hotels that outright lie to me and treat me like a burden.  I am also starting to think back on all the times when I have been told that they have not had upgrades previous to this. Were they all lying to me?