Exactly what does the Marriott promo rate include

Discussion created by cruisetraveler on Sep 10, 2013
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I always like to know exactly what my Marriott promotional includes before I make a reservation. For example, I was going to make a reservation at a Marriott Suites, there was a AAA Promotional Rate and a AAA Rate. I called the hotel directly, was put on hold for over 9:00 minutes and they said. " we do not have any idea what is included in packages and promotional rates" and then he transferred me to central reservations. (At some of the hotels the AAA promotional rate includes a full breakfast). Central reservations said, the front desk at the hotel would know exactly what's included and was wondering why I was transferred to her. I have booked that rate at other hotels in the area.  I understand that not all packages/ promo rates are the same at all  Marriott Hotels, but I think the front desk should at least have an idea what's included.This is an issue that should be taken care of in my opinion.