Travel Insurance - careful.

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I purchased travel insurance from AAA, which I had recommended before.  While on a Glacier Bay day sightseeing cruise, the boat developed a mechanical problem.  There was no cell service.  After a 4 hour delay, all 102 of us had to be rescued by a cruise ship. I got back 5 hours late.  As a result, I missed my flight to Seattle.  My flight was on Alaska Air and on AA ticket stock.  When I missed my flight, Alaska canceled everything on the record locator.  When I called Alaska, they told me that I had to call AA.  When I called AA, they could not help me.  I had to get to Seattle.  I ended off having to pay last minute full fair, and didn't even get upgraded.  The cost for a 2 hour flight was $700 + a $15 ticketing fee + $25 to get on an earlier flight.  AA charged me $150 to reinstate the Portland home ticket.  So I had close to $1,000 additional cost.  The insurance didn't cover much.  They considered this a trip delay since I had to spend a 2nd night in Glacier Bay.  It didn't meet the requirement of a missed connection.  I was told that this would only be covered if I had a traffic accident or weather.  It was suggested that I read the complete packet listing what was covered and for what reason.  They paid $200.  At this point, I am not happy with travel insurance.

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