Expectations vs delivery satisfaction on room types & upgrades

Discussion created by zukracer on Sep 15, 2013
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Having logged enough nights in the past few years to earn lifetime Plat status (by the old rules even ) I've come to expect a certain room as the "standard" for various brands.  For example, at a Tampa FL Courtyard, I'm told that the "deluxe room" is actually an upgrade at this property vs a standard room.  The problem is this "deluxe room" is *exactly* the same as any other courtyard room I've ever had across the US.  To me an "upgrade" would be one with a whirlpool or suite or the "larger" corner room.  I say "larger" in quotes because what I've found is that sometimes it's only larger by like 3' wider at some properties, which technically is more square footage but yeah....not really a bigger room.  Some corner rooms are actually larger so that is somewhat of a hit/miss thing but to me would actually rate as an "upgrade".  At full service properties the concierge or executive floor rooms have become a standard for me, as I'm sure for most platinum or plat prem members.  Again some properties when asked if there is an upgrade available say "you are already upgraded".


I'm curious if I'm just getting too picky or if others find this frustrating.  I admit as a general population person with no status these room differences probably do rate as upgrades but should there be this double standard? Should there be a "elite standard" that is not considered an upgrade, thus qualifying top tier folks for actual worthwhile upgrades or are these rooms we get week after week really upgrades that we should be thankful for receiving?  I get properties should monetize room differences and if they are truly sold out of a room type then we are only really guaranteed the room we booked but really how often are they really sold out vs just not giving out upgrades for whatever reasons.


For those of you who have broadened your horizons into other brands, I'm curious how those brands treat upgrades vs standard room vs elite standard rooms.