As a Platnium Lifetime I have never in like 2000+ stays given a fly swatter in my room to kill over 20 flys!

Discussion created by bostonpaul on Sep 10, 2013
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Staying at the Residence Inn, Princeton, NJ/ South Brunswick, NJ (4225 US Hwy 1), for 2 nights.  When I checked in there were like 10 flies that I killed with the hotel issued/supplied fly swatter.  Quite effective but you may want to deal with the root cause!  Came back to the room after meetings and had to kill another 10 0r so flies.  As I type one just landed on my sandwich! GOT it and both went into the trash!! I can not believe this is acceptable to Marriott standards.  Not the standards that I have see with Marriott for over 30 years.

Staying in room 1912, kinda looks like 1912 was the build date as the "popcorn" ceilings have many stains and repairs, stained wall paper in the kitchen, as well as office chair, and couch.  Certainly not "Marriott" quality.  check out the pic of fly swatter, I recall we had one at Mom's house when I was like 10 and had fun swatting flies, at 60 it is not fun.