A lounge attendant that cares about young guests

Discussion created by nacho on Sep 6, 2013
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I have been to various lounges and some of the times I'm staying with my kids. Back in late July I stayed at Cologne Marriott with my family and we met this super nice lounge attendant called Maria Goani. She is very friendly and tries to keep the lounge tidy and clean, and makes sure that food is being refilled etc. She does her job well and she always smile at guests and that she seems very happy about her job - which is very nice to see. One thing that really impressed me was that when we were there she started talking to us and wondering why the kids weren't happy about their food. I said that was because the lounge food is catered to adults and it's not their favourite. I said that they will have to manage with the food that is available. She immediately said, 'oh that's not good enough, please let me know if the kids would like some children friendly food because I can tell the kitchen to make some. There should have something that they like to eat'.


I'm so impressed by this. She doesn't have to care, it's not part of her job. I'm sure that she doesn't do this because she is expecting a big tip from us (the hotel is not in the US). Therefore I'd very much like to nominate her to the Spirit to Serve Award because she truly carries out Mr. Marriott's Spirit to Serve idea by taking the extra mile.