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Thoughts on Sabal Palms vs. JW Orlando?

Question asked by swax on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2013 by superchief1

I weighed the JW Marriott vs. Orlando World Center and although I liked some of the amenities of OWC, it just seemed a tad too large.  However, during booking I was able to reserve a Villa at the Sabal Palms (which of course I can cancel but wanted to lock up for now while deliberating) for roughly the same points usage as a room at the JW so I wanted to get people's impressions on that comparison - considering I can use the amenities of the OWC but get a larger and more secluded room this seemed the best thoughts were these:


1) I have two young ones (3 and 1) so having a separate room would be awesome for us, relaxation-wise.

2) I can still use the amenities of the OWC which seem pretty cool for kids

3) From what I was told, there is no "resort fee" like there is on the JW and OWC, and parking is free, so that is a $40-$50 per day difference

4) In addition, since there is no free breakfast at JW or OWC, we can make up some more funds by cooking in the kitchen


What I am unclear on is how the service levels differ on the two properties.  Is there something, experience-wise, that the JW offers that I won't get here that I might not be considering?  What are the MVC properties like as a general rule?  Are there on-site activities?  Any input or compare/contrast information that I might not find from the site would be much appreciated.