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What are the must-see London sights?

Question asked by bejacob on Sep 2, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by chobbits

Okay Insiders. There have been a few threads related to travel tips in London, but I'm now looking for the top sights one must see when visiting the city.


I'll be in London for about 4 days of a twelve-day trip to England in late October that will also include Bristol, Cornwall, and Brighton. I haven't been in London since the late 1970s (at the age of 12) and want to get the most out of the few days I'll be there. I remember visiting the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, but don't recall too much else about my previous visit. I plan to visit the Tower of London and Greenwich (probably on the same day). Other than that, I'm still exploring options. I'll be at the Marriott Maida Vale, so I'll be using the Underground quite a bit. The final night (after Brighton) will be at the Renaissance Heathrow for a little runway watching.


I know London has something for everyone's tastes, but I'm looking for suggestions from MRI as to what should not be missed. There have been some good tips in this thread London "A Travel Helper"!


I have a few ideas of what I might do but want to hear more.