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This is not a question, just an expression of dissatisfaction with Marriott Rewards.

Question asked by emvp on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2013 by emvp

As a holder of a Marriott Premier Visa one of the perks that included  (and paid for) is the granting of 15 nights credit toward elite status each year.  Since you delayed crediting the 15 nights for 2011 until Jan. 2012 you  did not credit any nights credit for 2012.    Now you say that 2013 nights will be credited in Dec. 2013.  You claim that since the 2011 credit happened in 2012 you have a rule that no more than one 15 night credit can occur in one calendar year.  I know this is relatively trivial, but I feel cheated by Marriott rewards.