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Looking for curent info on MR Signature Visa Trip cancellation insurance

Question asked by heronponder on Aug 29, 2013
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Hello All,


This is my first time posting a Q or comment although I have been both a Marriott Rewards cardholder and a MVC owner for many years.


My question has to do first with the trip cancellation insurance benefit of the MR Signature Visa card. I have need for it, but cannot find any current info on-line. Even the Chase website gives me an "error try later" response.


My situation: I booked a trip to Marriott Waiohai Beach Club in Kauai, Hawaii to stay at my "home resort" beginning next week. Then rented a condo at the Ilikai in Waikiki for the following week. Air tickets from Boston to San Diego via Jet Blue, and San Diego to Hawaii & return via Hawaiian Air. Well, we took a trip to Yellowstone Natl Park in June where I fell and really smashed my ankle. Cannot travel due to surgery, cannot walk, etc. Cancelling trip to Hawaii.


Jet Blue was wonderful; one phone call, told story, put me on hold while MD was called, result, COMPLETE REFUND.

Travel insurance policy is through VacationGuard. They need proof of prepayment for Marriott timeshare (ie, annual fee, paid in January) and documentation that I did not use the week. Medical documentation is no problem. Timeshare cancellation is a big problem: Marriott does not permit cancellation within 60 days of use, so I cannot get a cancellation receipt. Owner Services tells me to "just don't show up" which does not prove to VacationGuard that the week was not used.



Does anyone have good information on the Trip Cancellation Insurance benefit of the Marriott Rewards Visa Signature Card. As above, I cannot seem to find any information on requirements for filing a claim, or how to go about filing a claim.


Any help will be gratefully appreciated.