Philip O

Discussion created by averageguy on Sep 4, 2013
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     Philip O  demonstrated what every business owner wants to see in their associates, a willingness to go the extra mile for their customers. Checking my car to valet late at night, went smoothly. The only problem was, the next morning no-one could locate my car key. Fortunately, it was only the car key on the ring.  Mr. Philip O was in charge the next morning and he was quick to take charge of the situation.

     I commented to one of the valet's on that morning, that "accidents happen" and their reply was, "not on his watch"! He obviously has the respect of those he is in charge of. I certainly get the feeling his coworkers see him lead by example, not by over using his authority.

     Having to get my son to a college baseball tryout, he gave me his personal car to use. By the time I dropped my son off and returned in half an hour, he already had the locksmith on site making a new key. He was very professional in his interactions with me, and took personal responsibility for the situation. I would say he responded to my situation in a way that made me know he cared for me personally, as if I were a long time friend. He understands customer service well.