Truly extraordinary customer service!

Discussion created by nyctraveler456 on Aug 29, 2013
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nWe had been camping on Assateague Island when we were simply overwhelmed by the insects; flies and mosquitos were swarming like some crazy biblical event. We decided to toss the tent and three kids into the car and head home, stopping halfway in a hotel to break up the five hour ride home.


Upon check-in at 11pm, Michael, who was working reception, provided an amazing experience by checking us in very quickly, offering us some fresh cookies and even went to the trouble to step outside and show us to our room in this sprawling hotel. A great job!


The next day while we were packed up and leaving, we realized that we couldn't find my 11 year old son's iPhone. We remembered him handing it to my wife when the battery ran out, and it being in the car upon arrival, but that was it. He was heartbroken that it was missing. We notified the hotel of the missing phone and headed out.


When we arrived home in New York City, I tried the find-a-phone feature with the hopes that someone had found the phone and charged it and sure enough it was 2 miles away from the hotel. I texted the phone to please call me - and they did!


I called the hotel to see if they could assist, and spoke with the General Manager Joe D. (sp?).  He assured me that he would help in any way that he could to get my sons phone recovered and sent back to me.


After I negotiated a $25 reward, the person who found the phone brought it back to the hotel where Joe laid out the reward money for me and promptly FedEx’d the phone back to me.

I can’t say enough about what a great job Joe and his team did for my family, going way above and beyond.  I’ve been using Marriott hotels exclusively for 10+ years and their facilities, people and attitude are true differentiators from their competitors.  Keep up the EXTRAORDINARY work guys, I highly recommend the Marriott brand!