Above and beyond the Aloha Spirit

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I absolutely love the way I am treated like Ohana at the Waikoloa Marriott Resort and Spa. Even got to bring my service dog Chewy.

I have to many to name that have treated me and my family so special.  I'm disabled and at most times cant have sugar, Never Never alcohol.

Sharon what a special lady, went out of her way to make me a refreshing drink that the chef put together, no sugar just plain Hawaii goodness over ice. I feel fortunate to get a hug from Sharon a beautiful woman.


It made me so happy to see an individual that went out of her way to talk with me and made me feel like I was a VIP, love you guys!  My little escape from the heat in Waikoloa.


The staff in Lamonts, is a crack love them too.  Eric is a gem and made me so happy to see an amputee working in there.  The manager is great and forgive me the little beautiful woman who is always there or working at the restaurant taking reservations.