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What is the 'dry' cereal' policy?

Question asked by wearytraveler on Aug 26, 2013
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Last week, I sent a question similar to this the Customer Care.  Their response did not provide me with the policy, they just said they would review the current policy.


What is the dry cereal policy?


At the Fairfield Inn at the Des Moines (IA) aiport, none of the dry cereal on the breakfast bar are suitable for diabetics; each were a 'sugared' cereal or contain fruit coated with sugar.  They said they were following Marriott policy.  I noted the same 4 cereals were also on the breakfast bar at the Residence Inn in Grand Junction, Co this past weekend.


There are over 25 million diabetics in the US (I am one of these) and this number is rapidly growing!  Diabetics need unsugared cereals (and preferably without wheat), such as cheerios, corn flakes, rice krispies, Special K, puffed rice.  The unsugared wheat cereals such as original Shredded Wheat or puffed wheat will also work for many diabetics, but not as well.  These are mainstream cereals, available in nearly all US food stores, large and small, so there nothing unusual or special about them.


BTW:  I am frequent guest at the FFI at the Des Moines airport; last week, management began offering Cheerios.  The very first day they were available, a fellow diabetic commented that he was glad to see the Cheerios, as he cannot eat any of the 'Marriott-approved' cereals at the FFI as they have sugar in them.


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