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Full service Marriotts AC is awful.

Question asked by mjvbfpa on Aug 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2013 by swimcoach

I have been a Marriott member for 12 years.  I used to stay exclusively at the full service Marriotts, (Platinum elite member every year it has been available).  Does anyone else notice that the rooms cannot get any cooler than 68 degrees?  The thermostat goes down to 65, but the room never cools down.  This is at all full service Marriotts in the VA, MD, DC area.  Doesn't matter what time of the year, except winter, they seem to turn off the AC.  I had one Marriott front desk person tell me that they turn off AC capabilities in the winter mths.  This last mth, I stayed at the Pooks Hill Marriott two different weeks, 4 days each week,  in Bethesda and the room would not get below 68 degrees.  I called the front desk and they sent up a maintenance person, but he said AC was working!

I am going no longer going to stay at full service Marriotts.  When I sleep at night, I would like to have the room at least 65 degrees.  No issue at any other hotel, Hilton properties included.