Heartbroken by Marriott's Treatment of Elite Members

Discussion created by davidfbrandauer on Aug 24, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by bpelican

My wife and I love Marriott. We stay at Marriott for both business and pleasure. I am Lifetime Platinum and Platinum Premier and have 146 nights already this year. I would consider us Marriott Ambassadors because we have always recommended the chain to everyone we know. Over the years, we have greatly appreciated the way we have been welcomed by Marriott and we look forward to each and every stay. When I was awarded Platinum Premier this year, I was a little excited. Unfortunately, it is just a title with nothing to offer. I don't even know why Marriott bothers with the level since it offers no value to the members. The discontinuation of the E135 gift checks and the wine and cheese platinum arrival gift are the last straw. Trying to plan a winter vacation for my family recently proved to be very frustrating. Not only do the reward redemptions require more points, the upgrade certificates required for resorts are ridiculous. I have more points in my account than ever before but I can get little value for them when planning a family vacation. I keep hearing that Marriot is listening but are they really? They stated that there would be an alternative to E135 gift checks at some point...when? We are all waiting but our patience is really being tested ! I don't want to go elsewhere. As I stated before, we LOVE Marriott but we also like good value and being appreciated. Hilton is starting to look better all the time.