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The Marriott Brand should be represented at every property.

Question asked by 77paris on Aug 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by j&c

A fellow MRI posted a review of the Fairfield Inn in Detroit/Warren/Sterling Heights earlier this week. The review mentioned dirty & stained carpeting & bed linens and bed bugs. 


It was distressing to read, as I am and have been for many years proud of the Marriott Brand & the standards that most of Marriott's properties uphold every day. But, the review kind of stayed in the back of my mind & later I went on to read all of the MRI reviews of this hotel. I know it is enough to say that a MRI rating of ONE AND A HALF STAR says it all. The time span for these reviews is October, 2012 through August 2013.  I wanted to see what the traveling public thinks about the standards of this hotel & went to Trip Advisor.  Even more distressing reviews dated as far back as September, 2007 were pleading "Please close this place down" & citing concerns about cleanliness & bed bugs. Trip Advisor overall rating is 2 1/2 stars.


I have worked for many years with a retail corporation that has Brand expectations very much like the Marriott Brand. I know it can sometimes be difficult to deliver impeccable Guest Service every day from every team member. However, to allow conditions such as fresh & clean accommodations for Marriott guests to remain unaddressed for six years is completely unacceptable.


It is offensive to the Brand, to everyone that trusts in and cares about the Brand and to the people paying good money to stay at this property. Now I will say again that these conditions are overwhelmingly in the minority.  That fact does not, however, make it acceptable. There are other properties with similar issues, many of those appear to be older & overdue for renovation.  I get that economics dictate a lot of those decisions, but delaying years after a facility no longer represents well is irresponsible. It is irresponsible to all of those Marriott Team members delivering everyday and takes the "shine" off of Marriott every time someone encounters these kind of conditions.


Respectfully, I post this question: "Who reads and who reacts to Hotel reviews on MRI & sites like Trip Advisor?"  If I am concerned about conditions like this being unaddressed, I would like to think there are people within the Marriott organization that are downright incensed.  Thoughts?