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Discussion created by anadyr on Aug 23, 2013
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Most of you know that fast food can be a vast wasteland of mediocre food, impertinent service and questionable product quality.  However, there are some shining exceptions to the rule as show by this survey.

Interestingly the top burger chain is a small one with all in the American West, and a very limited ad budget.  So big is not necessarily better, as this survey shows.

So, think now about hotels--their size, their ad budgets and wonder, as I do, if there's a teaching moment here:  Can a big lodging company reinvent itself to go back to first principles, to not stray from a founder's dream (In'N'Out Burger's menu is virtually unchanged since 1947 for example), and to regain the trust of the traveling public?  I guess that question is yet to be answered.