MegaBonus and Just For You Bonus at the same time?

Discussion created by mblakie on Aug 17, 2013
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I apologize if this has already been asked.  I see someone from earlier in the summer asked about the 2 stay, get a night free bonus and the road to gold bonus occurring at the same time.  My question is about the MegaBonus and the Just for You bonus - can these occur at the same time?  The MegaBonus (5,000 points after each second stay) and the Just for You bonus (25,000 points after 12 nights) both overlap.


- Just for You bonus is Aug. 15 - Nov. 15, and

- MegaBonus is Sep. 15 to Jan 15


So they overlap between Sep. 15 and Nov. 15.  Would nights and stays count for both?  That seems awefully generous... I quickly did the math for a night near me for $79 (plus ~$10 in taxes) for the number of points I would receive:


- Courtyard stay x10 points =   790 points

- Platinum bonus x5 points =   395

- credit card 5% bonus, including the tax =   442

- MegaBonus (half of the 5,000 points since it would be 1 stay) =   2,500

- Just for You bonus (1/12 of the 25,000 points) =   2,084


So that's 6,211 points for a roughly $90 stay!  I always equate the points to be worth roughly 1 cent each, so $62 in rewards for a $90 is extremely generous.  Plus, I could stay at a Fairfield or Courtyard that offers free breakfast.  I'm also close to losing my platinum bonus for 2015, so these extra nights would help me keep it - I only have 61 nights for this year, and with the travel I have planned I will only be 68 nights.  So these extra nights could help me keep platinum for an extra year, which would really give me even more points in the future.


I'm not missing anything am I?  This is very generous, or you can't double dip with these promos?