Business, pleasure, or horror??

Discussion created by americangirl45 on Aug 20, 2013
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Stayed at your Fairfield Inn on Saturday night (8-17-2013).  There was NO electric in the bathroom. Even pressing the button on the GFI didn't help.  Then, there was no WI-Fi--NONE!!. I would have called the desk to find out what the problem was, but there was NO phone either!!  Also, the house phone in the hall didn't work. After a trip to the front desk to find out why there was NO Wi-Fi  desk clerk told me she had problems and had rebooted but it didn't seem to help. Gave me a "bridge" for the computer.  It was like a step back in time. Also, told me how to fix the phone as housekeeping sometimes puts the wrong plug in the wrong outlet.  That didn't help.  The walls were paper thin.  Then, in the next room a family checked in where the child found it absolutely delightful to jump on the bed.  Bed had loose headboard and banged against the wall many times.  Ended up using my cell phone to call the phone at the motel to get the desk clerk to tell her that the next room was a problem with noise, etc.  She said she would call up and tell them to quiet down.  How is she going to call them if the phones are not working??? Appears this Fairfield was built on the cheap.  Four floors and one elevator. This was perhaps the worst stay of our lives.  Will not be back to this Fairfield Inn EVER!! Whoever rated this as a two star was definitely wrong!!! A 1/2 star would be more appropriate.