Desperate Need for a Marriott in Shelby, NC

Discussion created by marriott_fan on Aug 16, 2013



Shelby, NC is within 10 minutes of Gardner-Webb University where ~5,000 kids go to college.  There are very few quality hotel options in Shelby, NC and there is not a Marriott within 20 miles.  You have to go all the way to Spartanburg, SC to find a Marriott and it's about a 30-45 minute ride from the college.


I have a child on a college sports team there at Gardner-Webb.  Each year we stay ~30 nights at a Holiday Inn Express in Shelby, NC on East Dixon Blvd.  There are plenty of parents who come to all the college games who struggle to find a quality hotel to stay at,  It's the topic of conversation at all the games.


This would be a great place for a Marriott hotel either a Courtyard, Springhill, or Fairfield would be great and would outclass all other hotels in the area and be full from August 1st thru end of May every year.


Please consider putting a Marriott in Shelby, NC.