Sometimes the customer not Marriott who is loyal -- What happened to partnership?

Discussion created by kawl on Aug 15, 2013
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I've always been a fan of Marriott.


I've hosted a 3000 person corporate party with you for the past several years, bought out entire hotels, am on several community boards and have always scheduled with Marriott for our galas and fund raisers and stay with Marriott fairly frequently when on personal travel.


I've marveled at the attention to detail, the requirements needed to maintain the mark and although I've hit a few bumps in the road, they have generally been addressed. Your folks have been terrific, and I have worked to let your management know until .....duh duh duhhhhhhh. I decided to take my entire family for a quick fourth of July vacation to Gaylord Texan Resort and Spa.


The property was amazing, food delish, and  the staff beyond superb...we had a lovely time and then I checked my rewards balance since i was rather pleased that although I layed out about $7K over the long weekend, I would at least get some points....mental benefit maybe...competitive spirit, perhaps, but I liked the idea. However, I was surprised that although 5 rooms were all booked in my name, with my money for a total of 15 nights,....Marriott won me over such that instead of going to Disney, I decided to check with Marriott first for the first large personal investment in a stay with you and was only given credit for two rooms. Of course you were unaware of how much money I am responsible for each year going to Marriott, but still!!!! When I called and eventually got through to the help line, a rather cold wry gal told me that my personal account restricted me to three nights on two rooms I believe...I explained I made all of the arrangements and paid myself!... She just kept robotically responding to me from "the agreement"....are you serious????


I've actually stayed a couple of my recent trips with Hilton and am considering looking at Hyatt for next year's holiday party because I'm a bit ticked.. So many years of service and I feel like I was treated as though I'm gaming the system.


I'd appreciate it if you'd show a little of that loyalty to me as I have to you.