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Booker Beware?

Question asked by katiepatiepooh on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by dinahm

We booked our trip on the Vacations by Marriott website (linked from the Marriott website) and were told that we would not receive credit for our stay. 


After my husband (an annual Marriott Gold Rewards member) called Customer Care and I (an annual Marriott Silver Rewards member) emailed Customer Care, this is what we received:  "Marriott Rewards has tried to give members some of the options that they have requested.. Many of these have been 'outsourced' to a third party, car rentals, cruises, and Vacations by Marriott|. The internet site for these vacations, have Terms and Conditions as follows:


Vacations by Marriott Terms and Conditions


Marriott International Inc?. (“Marriott”) and its affiliates (collectively, the “Company”) have engaged Switchfly Software, Inc/. (“Switchfly”), a third party provider, to host the Vacations by Marriott Purchase Program (the “Program”) website, a private label airline ticket, hotel and rental car purchase web site (the “Site”),.


I am sorry that you were not happy with your earnings from your Vacations by Marriott.."


Basically they told me that booking with Vacations by Marriott is no better than booking with Expedia or Priceline -- only it costs more. The Vacations by Marriott site says "book with confidence," "earn Marriott Rewards," and also contains the Marriott trademarked logos; but somehow they claim they are NOT Marriott operated.  I tried to follow-up with the Customer Care Rep for more information over a week ago with no response.


Does anyone have advice on how to correct the situation?  We are not asking for any special comps; we just want the credit for the nights we stayed at the Marriott property.


The lesson we learned: Save the time, money, and frustration...DO NOT BOOK WITH VACATIONS BY MARRIOTT!