Marriott.com Lowest Price - Not so accurate

Discussion created by zukracer on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by erc

So is anyone else noticing this trend lately?


I pulled up a list of available hotels for the Tampa area for next week.  I have been staying at a courtyard that has a 139/night M-W then 69/night for Th night.  I see on the list page that the lowest price is $69/night but then on the view rates list, no where is that 69/night rate listed.


Now I generally can't stand how it shows the lowest rate for the one night of your stay, while the balance is something quite something different.  The old way was to show the prevailing rate for your stay and notes when there's a one night difference.  The OLD way was far better for me because if I'm staying in a property and paying for it, someone else is actually paying for it and I have set rates to stay within.  Having to dig really is making it a pain in the nether regions.


This however is completely frustrating.  I can't even find the dang rate it shows!  This isn't isolated to this one courtyard, its across many properties here in Tampa.  Its almost enough to make me expand my horizons to some other brands locally.  I mean I love the perks of plat prem status but having lifetime plat...hmmm..




so is it me or is anyone else frustrated by these changes and somewhat bait/switch pricing?