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If Britist Airways can do it, why can't Marriott?

Question asked by platinumstar on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by lakersfan

Fly regularly with BA and my Avios points and miles are credited almost immediately the day after my flight. I never, ever have to chase BA for missing miles or points, they are awarded automatically.



Now I have a major gripe with Marriott who seem to be lagging way behind with technology in that membership cards and awarding nights and points are very much hit and miss.



First of all, I have to check my online account after every stay as I am often missing my 500 MR Platinum gift. I also have stays completely missed off. My latest problem is with the Renaissance Heathrow who missed off my stay last month and the Platinum points, then 10 days ago i stayed there again with 2 rooms, both paid by me and booked in my name, yet I was only awarded points for 1 room, and once again no Platinum points posted. After calling Marriott rewards last week i was told it would be rectified. Today I called again and was told the person dealing with it last week was now on holiday so someone else would have to start all over again and request copies of the bill from the hotel. WHY oh WHY can't Marriott be like BA and post points automatically? The posting and correction by the rewards staff must be very time consuming, not to mention the cost factor of employing staff to sort out ineficencies of hotel staff. I have never been offered, nor asked for any points to compensate for continually having to chase for points/nights that I am due, but maybe if the penalty imposed if we are not offered a Platinum gift during our stay was made to include non posting on our account, then maybe the hotels would be better at making sure it was correct, but better still AUTOMATE IT!



The other problem I have is that every year I have to wait months for my new Platinum Marriott rewards card. Once I've reset my tier points with BA and achieved Gold status, a new membership card is automatically sent - never had a problem.



This year, Marriott have surpassed themselves with their lack of co-ordination. Here we are in the middle of August and still no Marriott rewards card. This year I became Platinum lifetime (as did another friend in London who got theirs ok), however, despite me emailing Marriott endless times this year, I keep being fobbed off with "the card is on its way", "we'll send another out", and if it doesn't arrive, let them know and they'll send another. I am fed up with being told it's on its way and to wait 8 weeks and if its not here then let Marriott know again (which I do).



I have been corresponding with the same person at Marriott in the USA since March and the latest response today is as follows



[B]Thank you for contacting Marriott Rewards Guest Services.



I am happy to request another membership card for you.  Unfortunately,  the company that produces Loyalty Rewards membership cards has suffered structural damage as a result of the recent tornado in Missouri, indefinitely affecting the delivery time of membership cards.  Therefore, we are unable to guarantee delivery within the typical four week timeframe.  However, you may provide your account number when making reservations and at the time of checking in for your stays.



I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue, and thank you for your patience.



Thank you for choosing Marriott.[/B]



I have suggested a couple of times that the card be sent to the person at Marriott who has been emailing me, so that they can see the physical card to ensure the system is producing one, and also suggested that the card be delivered to the head concierge at the Marriott i conveniently live next door to in London, but both ideas seen to have been ignored.



My Marriott app says I'm Platinum Elite, my Marriott online account says Elite, however, emails that come direct from Marriott with offers clearly state Marriott Lifetime.



I am not entirely sure how to resolve this, my patience is running out. Ideas anyone? don