Well, I made it. Lifetime Platinum

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Aug 12, 2013
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I first joined Marriott Insiders about 4 yrs ago. I came on to vent about blackout nights. Many folks responded to my post and made me feel welcomed. That was the start of a rewarding relationship with many of the legendary posters that we all respect and admire.


An early topic I came across was Lifetime Elite status. I think there was some lamenting on the fact that Marriott had just lowered the requirements to achieve these lofty levels of staying loyalty. At the time, I had no idea that these levels even existed. My curiosity kicked in and I called Marriott to get my program to date numbers. The current targets were 12 year membership, 600-800-1000 nights stayed, 1.2 mil, 1.6 mil., and 2.0 mil points for Silver (LSE), Gold (LGE), and Platinum (LPE) respectively.  I was sitting at 16 yrs, 593 nights, and 1,005,061 points. At the time, I was hoping to get the Silver and maybe stretch for Gold. Well, as my work travel started to go crazy, I thought I'd have a chance at Platinum. My new goal.....GO GET THAT PLATINUM LIFETIME !!


I did my forecasting and if 2011, '12, and '13 were comparable to 2010..... I thought I'd get to the 2.0 Million points by March, 2014 and the 1000 nights by October, 2014. My travel actually increased dramatically. At the end of this 5 night stay in the Renaissance Charlotte Suites, I will be at 20 years, 1000 nights , and 2,142,631 points.  To quote the Grateful Dead "What a long, strange trip it's been".


I realize "years in program" was eliminated and the the nights target was lowered last year to 750, but out of respect for the pioneers on this sight, I wanted to wait until I crossed the 1000 night plateau. Along the way, the many folks on this sight that have brought knowledge, experiences, and wonderful new ideas have made the journey very Rewarding.


Last thoughts....That lamenting that was happening about LPE had to do with lowering the points target from 3 Million to 2 Million. Well folks, I'm still traveling, but I'm not sure I'll get the 3 Million any time soon. For those of you that reached the original lofty LPE.... I can only tip my cap and marvel at your ability to balance all those nights away from home with the many family priorities.