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Renaissance Discovery Doors Contest - Uh, gee, I don't get it....

Question asked by ssindc on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by freqlink

OK, folks, have you seen the new (?) Renaissance Discovery Door ContestRenaissance:Discovery Doors

Does it work for you?  Does it make you want to stay at (or avoid) a Renaissance Property?

Supplemental question: has anybody won anything yet?  If so, what? (And, sure, if you explain how, so much the better!!!)


Ladies & gentlemen - apparently, we have a (or at least) one winner!!!!   click here for more info: Discovery Doors, created by Renaissance Hotels


I hate to admit I just wasted the better part of 10 minutes on it.  Some quick observations:

  • The target audience is younger, hipper, and more socially-media-obsessed than me.  My sense was that participation is all about sharing (your friends' email addresses or Facebook contacts) or tweeting - that's how you score more points (or in this case, accumulate keys).
  • It's stunningly, well, weird - and I'm guessing that's the intent.  Weird music, weird people, weird nouveau-arty themes.  Think Cirque de Soleil, but out of context and without cohesion.
  • Somebody spent a lot of time (and money) designing the complex door-and-key regime, and a fair number of actor/performers were employed (however) briefly in the campaign.  It sure seemed like a waste to me.
  • But my most visceral reaction was that nothing in the videos made it seem like I'd be welcome, let alone comfortable in any of those properties.
    • I guess I get it - I've seen a number of the Renaissance R-Life bars, which are younger, hipper, and trendier than I am - the last few I saw were in Times Square (killer view - really good/fun food), the 57 in New York (a gem in the city), Baltimore Inner Harbor, and Chicago (on the river - alas, we went in for a late night snack, but the menu didn't push our buttons so we left) - but I did not sense that they reflected the core clientele in the hotel.  Alas....


What I found most disorienting is that - and it shouldn't come as any surprise to my geezer colleagues - we are decidedly not the target demographic, audience, customer base.  I guess I find it a little depressing, since Renaissance is my first-choice, go-to Marriott brand - both in the U.S. and outside the country.  Alas.