Marriott Rate reduction not passed

Discussion created by albertf on Aug 13, 2013
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I have been a Marriott customers for many years, and have always assumed that I will get the guaranteed best rate when making booking from the website.I discovered recently that the hotel I made a reservation has reduced the rate, but the lower rate was not automatically passed on to me. I contacted the Marriott rewards team about this (btw, the lady rudely hung up the call when I complained her) and was informed that the so called "best" rate only applies at the time of the booking, but subsequent rate reduction is not passed on to us automatically. She advised that if I were to find out a lower rate, I could  contact Marriott and they will change the rate to the lower rate at no cost to me This is obviously not the way that I had expected the rate to work. Has anyone encountered this and complained to Marriott about making a change, or know of a way to automatically to track rate changes. Thanks.