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Witness any random act of kindness?

Question asked by lakeshore on Aug 9, 2013
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I Just read an article on yahoo about a traveler whose credit card was declined at the airport counter when he needed to pay an extra baggage fee. While he stepped out of line to call the credit card company, a stranger anonomously paid his bill for him.

This made me recall many random acts of kindness we have witnessed and experienced, and then paid forward. So I thought it would be neat to start a thread where we could share our experiences.

I Will start with one that I will never forget...

my family was in Paris 2 1/2 years ago right before Christmas. It was one the the coldest, snowiest Decembers in history there, and as we were walking towards the Arc di Triumph, an extremely well dressed couple was a little ahead of us. They oozed money and style. The woman was wearing gorgeous stiletto boots, a beautiful coat, sleek hair...just stunning. The man had designer shoes, and a very expensive black leather coat. They looked like they had jumped out of a magazine. Well, we had given our boys euros to pass out at will to the homeless that must have been freezing on the streets. So my boys had their eyes peeled. We all saw a man lying on the ground ahead, he was curled up in a fetal position trying to stay warm as the huge snowflakes fell to the ground and the frigid wind blew. Well, all of a sudden, as the fancy couple approached him, they slowed down and stopped next to him. The lady lovingly bent down to gently wake the man. She touched his shoulder and back, and he lifted his head to her and their eyes met. She smiled. Then the rich man took off his leather coat and carefully laid it on the man. He his eyes locked with the man, and they smiled. No words were spoken, but none were needed. The woman then got up, and they continued walking on...he now without a coat...we were speechless!!! It was soo beautiful! Such a loving, random, spontaneous act of generosity! And what a gift for us to witness! We will never forget that! And, it encouraged us to continue to help out, in big ways or small, those who cross our paths in need.


Any other stories out there? I have more, but will let others share first.