Craziest, funniest, oddest comments when interacting with staff at properties

Discussion created by zukracer on Aug 9, 2013

Ok, we've all had those odd conversations with hotel staff.  Sometimes funny, sometimes rather odd and sometimes just crazy.  I've often found these happen when there's a communication gap, often while traveling internationally but then again...


One of the funnier ones for me was when trying to ask someone to bring a plunger to the room.  This is often an embarrassing conversation for folks but if you travel enough its one you will have.  We definitely had a language gap and I tried every way I could to politely say the toilet required a plunger or maintenance person.  Finally not knowing any other way to say it out comes "the toilet is no longer accepting donations" ... to which I got the look from my wife (you know the one, the what did you just say look ) and what could only be described as people literally rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.  When they finally stopped, I was told in perfect english that someone would be up to assist in a few minutes.


So what's some of the crazier things you have said to or heard a staff member say.