Has anyone had any problems with their TV or internet access with Dish at a Marriott location?

Discussion created by eb5147 on Aug 7, 2013
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A few months ago, the RI here changed to Dish net.  Several good networks were lost and now, NBC isn't even available.


The blockage screen says that Raycom Media has blocked access because Raycom is demanding unreasonable rate increases to carry this channel.  DISH as offered to pay what DISH's primary competitors pay for the same content.  DISH is offering a free preview of CSN on channel 116.  (How would CSN be relevant to blockage of NBC?)


Not only that, but pixels shift every time there is an atmospheric change, especially at night or in rain.


Four Korean stations were added when we lost some of our favorite stations, but they don't seem to ever go out like the regular DISH stations do on a frequent basis.


And then a month or 2 ago, the internet has to be signed up for daily with free upgrades for elite gold or plat. for up to 3 computers per room.  Upgrade is $4.95 per day, but I have to sign up at least every 12 hours which is really aggravating since it's supposed to be a daily rate.  Every computer has to sign in, which is normal, but not twice a day.