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MVCI - Where is the best place to find weeks people want to sell?

Question asked by dollard on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2013 by randomname

I am looking for the best place to find MVCI locations that I can rent for the week. Seeing that now I have two very young children this has locked us down from using most hotels seeing there just is not enough space for us and the children. I would like to find locations with 2-3 bedrooms I can get for a week but if I go on the Marriott website it is so hit or miss which places are open and then the cost are anywhere from $300-500 a night for those that are open. Some of the people that I known that have time shares sometimes offer a week to me for $500-1K for the week to cover the costs they will incur if they use it or not. So if anyone knows the best place to find these locations that people offer up this would be greatly appreciated.