Fairfield Inn - Charlottesville VA - Excellent Staff

Discussion created by kroywen on Aug 6, 2013
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I nominate Missy Murphy & Debbie Brown for the Spirit to Serve Award.    They represent the type of service Marriott wants to be known for.

We needed a stopover going from West Virginia to Hampton Roads and Charlottesville was midway.     Decided on this Fairfield Inn because of location, price and amenities (pool, breakfast, lobby coffee).  Room was average, but very clean and well maintained.   Complimentary breakfast was average, but with enough healthy choices to be welcome,

However it was the staff that was exceptional -- after checking out and driving halfway we discovered that electronics had been left behind.   I phoned the front desk attendant, Missy Murphy, and explained and asked that housekeeping check for it.       She phoned me back 15 minutes later saying it had been found and that they would ship it out to my home address.     I thanked her & asked her to thank the housekeeper who found it,   She said it was the Manager, Debbie Brown, whom she asked to go to the room and look. She was the one who found it.    Excellent management decision and skills, Missy.      Thank you