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Why are other charges not included in MR for Courtyard, Residence, etc.

Question asked by captbigguy on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2013 by skiadcock

I'm not complaining... Well, I am to a point... But I spend 3 nights a week at a CY and enjoy the bar and grill after work, then get started with a good breakfast in the morning.  Plus, I occasionally pick up something in the market...  My bill usually runs a minimum of $100 over the room rate with food and incidentals.  If I were staying at a higher end Marriott, I would get credit for those dollars with points on my MR.  But that's not the case with CY....


I'm just wondering what the reasoning is for this since I'm paying a good price for the food and have been loyal to this CY for the past three months and plan on it being my second home through November.  What about having this as part of the status?  If you are Gold, you get 1 pt for every $2 spent on F&I and Platinum gets 1 for $1...  I'm just saying...