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Paris to Venice or Greece

Question asked by hawaiihawk on Aug 2, 2013

My husband and I are planning  a 3 week long vacation. We have talked about starting in Paris, France and end our trip in Venice, Italy.

But we also like the idea of spending the whole 3 weeks in Greece. ( No specific locations yet for Greece ) We are looking at going in either February or April.

We are just needing advice from others who have gone to these places, as well as the experiences others have had in these locations. We will be using points as well as paying for majority of this trip.

I am very into the history of all three places. Site seeing and tours will be a must, along with museums. Relaxation is a must on this trip for my husband, plus spending quality time together.

When we take this trip it will be the first time we see each other in 5 months. Any advice and ideas are appreciated. So anything from hotel locations, to local attractions would be ideal.