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Favorite travel tip for road warriors

Question asked by captbigguy on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by john_thai

So what is your favorite tip for the road warriors out there?  I use to be one years ago and now I've come back to the weekly air travel game again.  So what I'm looking for are tips and tricks about different things that you might share about these sub-topics:



TSA lines




Eating out




One of mine I'll share to get things started is for those who are on a particular project that involves working/staying in the same place every week or so.  I started out travelling with my "3-3-3" bag and decided it was a hassle to get this stuff out every time I went through the TSA line.  So...  I leave these in my cube at work.  In fact, if you are staying at the same hotel every week, they may offer to keep your bag over the weekend for you.  I haven't asked at the CY I'm staying in now, but they way they treat me, I'm sure they would.


So I'm hoping to get some great tips from some of you REAL veteran RWs out there and thanks in advance!!!