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Should Hotel Reviews be Segregated?

Question asked by painedplatinum on Aug 3, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2013 by missgee

Over the years, I've looked forward to gaining travel info and Marriott Rewards tips and advice from this site..Marriott Insiders. When the nice folks that manage the site introduced the idea of hotel reviews, it sounded logical and helpful. Unfortunately, the volume of these reviews has had the effect of a Tsunami on the other types of posts and topics. All and any in the way of the reviews get swept away quickly. Quite often, I have to page back several times to see things that used to be close to the "top". 


My question is this....... Since the reviews are popular to post and certainly bring a value to the site, please keep them coming. BUT would it make more sense and be more user friendly to dump these reviews in their own category?   I see many folks with questions that go unanswered simply because their questions get swept away. There are many great blog posts and photo albums that never see the light of day. If people want to read reviews for a particular property, don't we think they'll seek them out?