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Rewards are not that rewarding when it comes to reservations. !

Question asked by johnnyd870 on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by communitymanagers

It seems the longer I stay the worse the room locations get. I am a field manager with a well known fortune 200 company and spend an the average of 196 nights a year in a motel room,  comfort is very important to me as it will be my home away from home for 8 consecutive days and not only serves as a place to sleep out is also my office to perform the administrative duties associated with my job. As I checked in the first 8 nights with the Marriott chain things went well as it was explained to me that if you like a particular room you have been you can request to have the same room next time, a service that is offered by many large chains I have stayed at only not made a big deal of. The feature is a huge deal to me once I get used to a room and come back to that room it is so much easier to come down from the travel and get a good nights rest.  I then decided to go all in on the rewards program and even sign up for the Marriott credit card offer, I was planning on staying a minimum of 64 nights at this location. After the first sixteen days I found the room that had everything I needed to relax and wind down from a day in the field. And was given a room only a couple rooms away on my next stay same floor facing the same direction pretty much identical and that was acceptable to me, well thing changed upon arrival this evening when I showed up to check in I was offered a room 2 floors lower than I was on previously  and facing the opposite direction at the end of the hall next to a busy city street/highway, As a stood there and listened to the traffic passing looking out the window at the back of a tree with Absolutely no view and thinking about putting up with it for 8 night I decided I would see if already staying 34 night and being a SILVER ELITE member would help me into some more comfortable accommodations. Well here I am writing this from that very same room if that tells you how important someone is who is committing to spending a minimum 8000.00 at this location. I guess a dollar isn't what it used to be. Needless to say I am very disappointed. I am to tired to go into the details of my attempt at securing a different room writing it in my journal was painful enough maybe in a couple of days I will go into details as I lay here listening to cars going past and not being able to get to sleep.