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Spirit to Server Nomination - Mimi @ Marriott Courtyard in Federal Way, WA

Question asked by malcolmoneal on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by laurac

Good Evening - I had one of the most pleasant evening hotel meals that I wanted to brag about.  Mimi the  dining attendant makes one great veggie patty melt and bartender.  More importantly, a warm and hospitable service-driven employee.    While sitting outside on the patio for an evening meal, she was extremely attentive and a great conversationalist.   I now know all about the local park where I will take my morning run tomorrow (as well as the fact the salmon are running here!).    If we lived here, I would actually bring my family here for a meal if I knew Mimi was working.   The service was that good to make it a family outing!


I was also able to share this directly with the Operations Manager who was onsite this evening and also wanted to nominate Mimi for a Spirit of Service award as I believe her attitude that I experienced tonight is her everyday performance.  This is an "A-Team" in terms of service orientation, truly a team that understands the difference of serving people though "hotel-ing" versus "hotel-ing" in order to provide a service. 


Best Regards,
Malcolm O'Neal,