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Where would your dream second home be? Or where is it for those of you luckies who have one?

Question asked by lakeshore on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by trippin'

It is okay to dream, right?!   If I could have more than one home, I would love to live on Coronado Island at The Shores next to the Hotel Del. It is a gorgeous property, location, and everything I need is within walking distance...Nice!!! That is for the US.

Overseas, I would have to say Paris, with an Eiffel Tower view. I really miss that from our expat a few years ago. I used to love just walking all over the city, along the Seine, taking it all in. And the food and wine...oh my, the pounds gained would be well worth it!

And one more...Italy....perhaps on a vineyard or olive grove with a swimming pool for the hot months. Within walking distance to a town.

Or in Venice, with a view of the sea. There is always something new to discover in Venice, and it is so darn beautifuL! I absolutely love Italy!  Plus, train travel is so easy...hop on and go to Rome, Florence, Lucca, etc, etc. la Dolce Vita! And again, the food and wine... dream!