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Requesting Cat 4 Marriott hotel recommendations in Fort Worth, Tx

Question asked by kaush on Jul 28, 2013
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My first post in this forum ..

Do you have a category 1-4 hotel recommendation in Fort Worth, Tx?

I have a couple of 2013 Spring Promo Free Nights (cat 1-4) that are going to expire by the end of Sept; We are thinking of spending a few days in Fort Worth and using the certs. for this.

There is a Residence inn in Cultural district that looks attractive. Would love to have your thoughts about this or any other Marriott property in the area ( has to be cat. 1-4! The Fort Worth Renaissance doesn't work :-) )

Also, would love to have any suggestion about things that a 5 year old may enjoy in Fort Worth (we are familiar with the zoo, the stockyard and he science museum for kids; will certainly hit the zoo again ..).