Getting around at Paris Disneyland and Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-France

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Got it.  (And in the fall, often a lot of MVCI's have 35-40% room rate sales, so keep checking.  The Paris Disneyland MVCI is sometimes 140-160€/night, maybe even less.)


There are 3 options (4 if you want to walk it, and ya, it would probably take about an hour, as I think it's 3 miles from Disney.)

  1. As of May 2012, MVCI offered shuttle service back and forth, for 3€/person.  The skinny on the shuttle is to buy your ticket from the front desk in advance.  Be there waiting for the shuttle about 10 minutes before it arrives/boards, as there can be a line, depending on time of day, and it can fill up.  A lot of guests board the shuttle with their luggage (for the train), and there's nowhere to put the luggage.  Note:  Apparently French hotel shuttle drivers are not like the airport shuttle drivers here in the States, where they handle your luggage for you - and of course you tip them.  With the French shuttle drivers, you're on your own, baby.)  Also, email the concierge in advance to confirm that they are still doing the shuttle, as it has been subject to change by the hotel Board of Directors in the past.  The latest email I have for the property is:   Hopefully she is still there.  She was most helpful to me.  And you can purchase your disney tickets at the front desk too, at a discount I think, but you won't get Marriott points for that spend.
  2. You can take the local bus which costs less than a couple of euros.  It stops right at the entrance to the vacation club entrance, which is about a 5-7 minute walk from your villa, depending on where your villa is located (the property is big).  The local bus runs about every 20 minutes.  If you happen to have a zone 1-5 Paris visite pass, you can use it on all of the Bailly-Romainvilliers busses.  I think it is bus 34.  The name of your bus stop is L'Orme Rond.  Your destination is Chessy Gares.  Coming back from Disney to the resort, your direction is Val d'Europe RER, getting off at L'Orme Rond.  Here's a map for the local busses (in case you want to do some further exploring.)

Bailly Bus.gif

   3.  You can taxi, but it's about 18€ one way, plus about 1€ a piece for luggage.

MVCI Bailly to Train.gif

You can click on the images to enlarge.


It probably takes about an hour to train from Paris Disney (you want the RER A, red line, straight shot) to La Defense.  Again, if you have the Paris Visite zone 1-5 pass, the train, the bus, the Paris metro, and the RER B train (RER blue line) to/from CDG is all inclusive.


Link back to original discussion that prompted this thread, as the original discussion (about Italy) also has some excellent information on Paris Disneyland, Renaissance La Defense, and Paris in General (sometimes we tend to get "off track" ).