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Booking family room with points

Question asked by dee_uk on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by pingreeman

HAving read a few posts on here already I think I know the answer to this but I'm going to ask for help anyway


The Sharm El Sheik Golden view renaissance hotel has standard rooms and family/exec suites. I have looked at the pictures for the hotel and one carries the label "Ideal for family escapes! All ground floor units consist of one bedroom, a living room with a sofa bed, and a fully-equipped kitchen.". Sounds ideal indeed!


however when I try to book this room I run into 2 problems:


1. If I try with £'s I can select a family room but there is no mention of a kitchen in the description

2. If I try with points I'm restricted to standard guest rooms.


i Would really, really appreciate some help booking a family room with a kitchen, preferably with points. I understand from previous posts that the best route is getting direct access to the individual hotel's manager.


For what it is worth I am currently Premier Elite  and, apparently, platinum for life.