My Nomination for Spirit To Serve

Discussion created by shoeman1000 on Jul 25, 2013
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After well over 1000 nights stayed in Marriott properties, for only the 2nd time, I am nominating an associate for this coveted award. Over the years, I have had many associates treat me well and make positive contributions to my stays.  However, this person has made that contribution time after time, after time.  As an attendant in the CL at a property where I spend close to 100 nights a year, she has the opportunity to affect each and every stay I make at this property.  Working the morning shift at the CL puts her in the position to be my first human contact each day, and she handles it very well.  Always a smile, a "good morning", and finally, a heart-felt "how are you"?  She makes sure my needs are met, often-times going downstairs to fetch a Wall Street Journal for me, helping me navigate the buffet line, cleaning up after me, etc.   The true test of someone's value is answering the question "would the stay be just as well if she was not around"?  I believe the answer is a profound NO. 


My Nomination For Spirit To Serve is Delmy.